Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing

Reiki, quantum energy, the energy of pure consciousness, wholeness and unconditional love through water or on the land, in a group or individually.


Reiki, quantum energy, the energy of pure consciousness, wholeness and unconditional love through water or on the land, in a group or individually. There are two forms of conducting a Reiki session. Contact and remote. 
After selecting the number of sessions, click the "Sign up now" button. You will be offered a form where you leave your phone number on which there is WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram.
I contact you in advance to clarify your request for a session. I make clarifications on the required number of sessions just for you. Set a date for the sessions. And only after that you pay.


I send Energy being underwater in pure contact with it.

I do reki in open water or in a pool. But water is ONE everywhere. Over 20 years of experience as a Reiki master and pure energy transmission.
I tune in to the transmission in advance, so you can feel the strong energy flows a little earlier.
Receiving occurs in a relaxed state, sitting or lying down, without crossing legs and arms. Mentally say that you are ready to receive pure energy from Elena. You can feel the energy flowing through your hands with a slight tingling sensation. This is fine. This energy cannot harm. It always finds its way and works as long as it needs to, even after receiving for a while or as long as needed (if there is still a need for it). Don't forget to give thanks when you feel the energy has already been received (a shift in attention or freer movement can be a sign that everything is already done). You can give thanks by saying mentally: “Thank you for this Energy, Elena.”
You can also mentally tune in to the transmission at the time we have agreed in advance, for example to 9 pm, but receive it at any time convenient for you.
Drink plenty of water. Energy clearing is always easier with water.


I send Energy being underwater in pure contact with it.

Any Reiki contact can be beneficial, and the only guideline for treatment is that, within reason, more is generally better. During the session, the healer restores the Natural flow of energies inherent in you by nature, and you become healthy.
What do I send and how does it happen. I prepare in advance. In a couple of hours I open the channels and lead everyone to the energies. In water Water is connected. The transmission involves the symbols of Reiki, the energy of unconditional love and pure consciousness, the energy of water. I always know where to direct the energy. I work with cleansing from programs and blocks, opening channels, healing, with all bodies, with a return to the true self, gentle awakening and fullness for some to calmness, for some to joy, so that the best versions appear in the outside world.
Already after the first session, your energy flow is restored and a feeling of calmness, security and confidence appears. Your emotions come into balance and you want to smile. 
Your energy and physical bodies also immediately begin to heal. All processes in the body are restored. Headache, sore throat with colds and fever may disappear after one session. Sometimes it is enough to spend up to 4 sessions and this is already enough to cure stomach pains, coughs, burns, minor injuries and much more. This is often enough to get rid of destructive programs and blocks, open the heart, remove resistance and return to joyful life.
To treat a chronic disease, more sessions and time will be needed to heal them. However, even one session with a chronic disease is of great benefit and gives a noticeable positive effect. The fulfillment here inspires and makes it possible to return to wn true abilities and understanding of own mission.


"I recieved pure energies! Thank you Lena! The sensations are simply incredible, after 8 pm I felt energy, strong vibrations," then I laughed, It's just a miracle! Energies went on for a long time, the second wave after 21:00. It's hard to describe, you have to feel it. THANK YOU!"


"Thank you! Such sensations are unusual. Trembling and expansion in the chest. Now already weakness and calmness."


"Thank you, Lena! I felt waves of energy, then in my heart I felt like something was spinning inside. I was still in the shower at about 9 pm, so there was still water."


"Thank you! For 2 hours I already felt an increase in energy, I was filled and rejoiced. At 22 o'clock I was in the bath, relaxed and felt a funnel in my chest, but it was such an expansion and a feeling of freedom, I saw the Galaxy, the ocean, an indescribable feeling of pleasure and I fell asleep immediately after the water!!!! Thank you, many thanks! I continue to take".


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